Getir - USA, EU, UK

Getir delivers thousands of products to the desired address within minutes; As an e-commerce company, it offers services to final consumers.


International financial technology company

Carbon Health - USA

It is a technology-enabled healthcare technology company that provides modern primary care and emergency care services.

Chipper Cash - Africas

Chipper Cash, which provides cross-border money transfer services; makes mobile money transfer fast, reliable and free of charge.

Colendi - MENA, EU

Colendi aims to facilitate financial and banking services; As a fintech company, it provides innovative services to B2C and B2B consumers.

Bitoasis - UAE

BitOasis, which trades crypto on its digital platform, operates in the UAE. - North America, which gives investors the opportunity to make transactions easily through the online platform, offers services as a free fintech company.


Mintus - UK

The new way to buy shares and invest in exceptional contemporary art.

Autonomy - North America

Autonomy, which provides service through the subscription system for automotive needs; It offers a sustainable business model with a monthly payment system.

BinBin Scooters - TR, EU

Binbin, which provides fast and pleasant transportation in short distances within the city; As a micromobility company, it offers electric scooter rental services via mobile app.

Arf Bio Renewable Energy Co. - TR

Renewable Energy Production Inc. Arf Bio, which provides services under its roof; continues its activities with investments in biogas energy, solar energy and organic fertilizers.

Deep Sentinel - North America

Deep Sentinel, which offers technology-based security solutions; It offers services to both individuals and institutions.

Simit Sarayı - TR

DMR Inc. operating under the umbrella of Simit Sarayı; It exports its patisserie products to more than 25 countries as packaged frozen and semi-frozen.

Stilt Bank - North America

Stilt, a fintech company established to provide financial support to immigrants; offers digital banking services.

Abstract Ops - North America

AbstractOps, which was established to manage the operational processes of companies; With its innovative operating systems, it provides convenience and time savings to institutions.

Contra Inc. - North America

Contra, which offers the opportunity to work on a digital platform; provides individuals with the advantage of improving their business and career opportunities.

Prometeo - Latin America

The open banking platform Prometeo provides a single point of access to hundreds of banks in different countries.

Doorstead - North America

Doorstead, which provides additional income to landlords by gaining tenants, makes the real estate rental business digital and affordable.

Asaak - Africas

Asaak, which provides loans to its users through a digital platform, offers mobile financing support for consumer loans as a fintech company.

Badaboom - North America

Badaboom, which produces sunglasses for companies, prepares special eyewear collections for brands over the digital platform.

FASTAF - North America

FastAF, which delivers the best quality products from the world’s best brands to the desired address; As an e-commerce company, it offers services to final consumers.

Acquired by

Munich Re

Zeguro - North America

Zeguro, which provides private security services to corporations; provides solutions to help businesses reduce their cyber risk.

Seed.Run - North America

Seed.Run, an expert in software technology; It allows adding new applications to web-based projects without the need for additional server support.

Airhouse - North America

Airhouse, which provides end-to-end fulfillment services for companies for e-commerce, supports brands to follow their orders.

Adquick - North America

Providing services for out-of-home advertising, defined as "Out-of-home (OOH) advertising", Adquick makes media purchasing processes efficient for outdoor advertisements.

Gumroad - USA

Offering digital solution products to its users through a digital platform, Gumroad makes e-commerce practical.



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